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Searching for Eclipse Glasses Last Minute? Forget the Eclipse. Christ is Coming! Are you ready?

The frenzy that we've seen from posting that we had a very limited supply of eclipse glasses (literally 10 pairs we bought for ourselves and our phone has been ringing off the hook since we opened this morning) serves as a very sobering reminder that Jesus is coming and people are not going to be ready! I think in the same way that many people thought they could wait until last minute, were "prepared enough", but then the order never came in, or they were sold fake glasses, etc., when Christ returns, there will be many who will think they were prepared but will not be prepared at all. Forget about eclipse glasses. Are you truly ready for Christ to...

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What Happened to Your Catholic Store?

A small portion of our map with pins representing cities we've shipped to.   Every day we hear customers complaining that there are no Catholic stores anywhere anymore. "[NAME] Catholic store closed (or is closing)!" All across the country, Catholic stores are closing in droves. "Several last week", we heard from one publisher. This trend was already in full swing when we opened in 2012. How insane were we to say yes to the Holy Spirit despite these frightful odds? Just insane and obedient enough.    It's not just the Catholic stores, it's Christian stores too. After 85 yrs. in business all 240 "Family Christian Stores" are closing. Locally, 40 yr. old "Crossway Christian Store" recently closed their Greenville location. We found...

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What to do if you don’t know what to do. Wherein Fr. Z … advises.

Posted on 28 January 2017 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf My in-box is filled with email from people who are frustrated, angry, confused.I am with you. I jot people’s names down and I pray for you. I am shifting my other practices around to include mortifications. After all, as St. John Vianney said to another priest: “You have preached, you have prayed, but have you fasted? Have you taken the discipline? Have you slept on the floor? So long as you have done none of these things, you have no right to complain.” Therefore, I have to do more.So, I pay attention to your notes and I can offer a bit of advice here and there (mainly about being patient). However,...

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