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Angry? Afraid? Stressed? Sick? Suffering from health, marital, family or financial problems? Consider this.....

Who is it that you hate? Who are you angry with? Stop right now and think about that person or persons and realize that your hatred and anger are being directed at a human being that God created, a creature that God loves, no matter how far off the path you think they are or they may actually be. No matter what they have done to you or others. In carrying this hatred and anger, you are infecting yourself with evil. You are literally allowing the enemy to infect your health, marriage, and family. This is one of the devil's greatest tricks and it will not only cause you continued grief in the here and now, but it will ultimately keep you steeped in sin, separating you from God! 

The verdict we pass on others is passed on us. (Matt. 7:2) Unforgiveness is a fatal poison which cuts us off from forgiveness (Mk 11:24-25), and worship. (Mt 5:23-24)

Whether you're carrying anger or fear about a politician, a family member or some other person you just can't forgive, I urge you to take a moment today to consider all of this and where it is going. Is holding onto this feeling really worth this much misery in your own life? Do you really want to continue to carry all of this pain, anger, depression, sadness, hurt? Do you really want to continue to remain physically, mentally and spiritually this sick? It's not like you're making the other person "pay" by suffering yourself!

We're making this harder than it really is. The devil blinds us into thinking that forgiveness is impossible in one or another particular situation. There is no such situation. No matter what. With God all things are possible. Even conquering our own inability to do something that seems so impossible.

That's Nice But How Can I Forgive?

  • Pray: You cannot do this without God's help, so ask Him! Admit that you know you must forgive and that you simply don't know how or where to even begin. Pray first for the willingness to forgive. Then pray for help in actually forgiving. Ask God to reveal to you each and every person you are refusing to forgive. Think of this person. Stand before Christ with this person. Offer your own sufferings for this person. Ask Christ to help you let go of the feelings of anger, pain, and resentment that you have towards the person and, instead, to fill you with the love that He has for that person. Do not quit until you can imagine yourself embracing the person with the love of Christ, until you have truly forgiven them. 

  • Confess: Remember to bring this very serious sin to the Sacrament of Confession immediately. Admitting that you have not forgiven is a huge step towards being able to free yourself from the diabolical chains of unforgiveness. There is a reason why Jesus emphasized forgiveness over and over. He knew that this was an obstacle we were all going to face, and one that would be guaranteed to keep us from experiencing peace on earth as well as denying us the purity we will need to gain heaven. Trust me, we cannot hear God's gentle voice over the bitterness of unforgiveness in our hearts! When we can't hear His voice, we are not able to stay on the path He wants for us.

  • Move forward and heal: Nobody is asking you to forget that you were hurt, but all wounds heal, it is simply a matter of time. God's time, not yours! Once again, ask God to help you heal every one of those wounds, large and small, but also understand that no wound will heal as long as you keep pulling the scab off because you refuse to forgive. We, ourselves, are the ones preventing the healing! Are you guilty of this? If so, again, pray for help in stopping what has simply become a very destructive habit and is ultimately leading you into a life of sadness, depression, pain, and worse.....away from God and the promise of heaven!

Resolve to make this a priority starting today and see how much your life changes! 


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