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Searching for Eclipse Glasses Last Minute? Forget the Eclipse. Christ is Coming! Are you ready?

The frenzy that we've seen from posting that we had a very limited supply of eclipse glasses (literally 10 pairs we bought for ourselves and our phone has been ringing off the hook since we opened this morning) serves as a very sobering reminder that Jesus is coming and people are not going to be ready!

I think in the same way that many people thought they could wait until last minute, were "prepared enough", but then the order never came in, or they were sold fake glasses, etc., when Christ returns, there will be many who will think they were prepared but will not be prepared at all.

Forget about eclipse glasses. Are you truly ready for Christ to return? He is coming and, unlike the eclipse, we will not know the day or the hour! If you haven't been to Confession, if you are away from the Church, if there is some sin hanging heavy on your heart, we beg you.....prepare NOW. Do not wait for Christ to appear and say to you, "I'm sorry, but I do not know you."

Think you will just wait until your death bed? Think again. Unlike the eclipse, you can't plan this one. Think that non-denominational church is the same as the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church that Jesus created? It isn't any more than the fake glasses that people bought in place of the NASA approved glasses. Just calling yourself a Christian or darkening the door of a Catholic Church on Christmas and Easter (or "worshipping in my own way") is not going to cut it. You will have to be in a state of grace, ready to receive Christ's mercy. Go now....confess your sins, receive the Sacraments, and be ready!

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