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Christ, The Life of the Soul

Christ, The Life of the Soul

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Blessed Columba Marmion

This is a classic guide to the spiritual life that had a direct influence on several Popes, generations of priests and religious, and countless members of the laity. In clear, inspiring language, the author discusses every aspect of our journey to Christ: "the source of all light, all grace, and all holinessÌ_the true Life of our life." Written for Christians in every walk of life, and filled with practical knowledge and timeless wisdom.

"An authentic treasury of spiritual truth."
Pope John Paul II

"Read thisÌÈ it is pure doctrine of the Church."
Pope Benedict XV

"The works of Marmion are outstanding in the accuracy of their doctrine, the clarity of their style, and the depth and richness of their thought."
Pope Pius XII

"An invitation to laity, religious, and clergy to return to the pure waters of life and leave behind the murky creeks and polluted rivers that have engulfed us for much of the last half century."
Fr . Benedict Groeschel