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Deep Conversion Deep Prayer

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Fr. Thomas Dubay is one of the ; most popular and respected ; retreat masters and spiritual directors in the USA. He is ; the author of the perennial best-selling book on prayer and ; contemplation, Fire Within. In this book, he ; responds to the call to priests by both Pope John Paul II ; and Benedict XVI to help believers and all those interested ; in spirituality to develop a deeper prayer life and union ; with God.
As in his other popular writings, ; Dubay?s style is profound and meditative yet clear ; and readable. He gives an overview of the spiritual life ; and journey for anyone seeking to grow in the love of God ; and neighbor. An expert on the teachings and writings of ; the two great mystical doctors of prayer and the spiritual ; life, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, Dubay gives ; solid practical advice for a deepening moral and spiritual ; conversion, and a radical growth in ; holiness.

Topics covered in depth in this ; book include:

The ; Radical Conversion
Relevance and ; Motivation
Conversion and Genuine ; Love
Degrees of Depth
Remarkable ; Resistance
Called to the Heights
Sure-fire Program