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Our Family Prayer Book Rosary Edition

$ 31.95

Generations of families have found spiritual joy and comfort in the pages of Our Family Prayer BookÑa keepsake Catholic prayer book filled with the most beloved devotions and hallowed prayers of the Church.
This newest edition of Our Family Prayer Book features detailed meditations on all twenty mysteries of the Rosary- Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious. Each Mystery is depicted through a beautiful stained glass window color illustration.
Gilded page edges, an elegant binding and full color art make Our Family Prayer Book a true family heirloom. A wealth of spiritual readings and devotions make it a powerful aid in cultivating the habit of prayer. Perfect for church or for devotions in the home, a handy size with which to travel, a personal guide when one is neededÑOur Family Prayer Book is a spiritual treasure for every Catholic home. Lavishly Illustrated.