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Rural Life Prayer Book

$ 21.95

Close to the Land, Close to God

A pioneer bishop of the American West once noted: “There is something almost sacramental about the life of the rural family.” Back when many of our grandparents and great-grandparents still worked on farms and ranches, an association now called Catholic Rural Life published The Rural Life Prayerbook (1956) to provide them spiritual support. 

TAN Books now offers a new edition, with the original illustrations, of this charming collection of traditional prayers and blessings, especially for those who live close to the land--not just rural farmers and ranchers, but also those in the cities and suburbs who labor lovingly in gardens and greenhouses, or in caring for animals. 

Here you’ll find:

• Prayers for planting time, harvest, and rain
• Prayers for protection from fires, floods, and destructive pests
• Blessings for gardens, fields, pastures, wood lots, orchards, and vineyards
• Blessings for animals, barns, stables, mills, wells, and vehicles 
• Blessings for foods, feed, seed, flowers, and wine
• Devotions in honor of St. Isidore the Farmer and St. Joseph the Worker

And much, much more.

Beautifully bound, The Rural Life Prayerbook is a devotional gem that makes a perfect gift for every lover of growing things.
Features: Gold embossed cover, Green & Red ribbons, Printed end sheets, Original illustrations, Red edged pages, Flexible Hardcover