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St Michael Scapular

$ 9.95
We carry only 100% sturdy, authentic Wool Scapulars. Scapulars, like all Sacramentals, are not blessed when you purchase them. If you have not yet been enrolled, simply bring your scapular to a Catholic priest for your one time, lifetime enrollment that covers any future scapular you may own.
  • Authentic wool scapular
  • Enrollment papers included
  • Includes both St. Benedict's Medal & Crucifix (not pictured)
Please note that scapulars may be used as a devotion, but never in a superstitious way. The enrollment in and wearing of a Scapular can help foster your devotion to Mary. Superstition does nothing but promote the opposite, eroding your faith. Also keep in mind that these are sacramentals, not sacraments. But the devils and his minions hate sacramentals, which cause them pain as they strengthen you.