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The Cardinal Müller Report

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An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church

Gerhard Cardinal Müller
Carlos Granados

  • Paperback
  • 5.25. x 8
  • 233

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is one of the most prominent Catholic figures today. As a leading cardinal inside the Vatican, he has a privileged perspective on the worldwide state of the Church and on the most pressing theological, doctrinal, and moral questions of our times, which he strives to answer in this interview in clear and inspiring terms, as did his predecessor Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in The Ratzinger Report

What are these questions? What do their answers call forth from the believer? Many people today do not see the lack of faith as a major problem in their lives; rather, what worries them profoundly is the lack of hope. The key questions therefore involve hope and whether the Christian faith as articulated by the Catholic Church can offer it.

This interview with Cardinal Müller therefore takes hope as its basic subject. It is a "report on hope", that is, an in-depth discussion of hope in relation to faith and love, truth and mercy; in relation to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church; and in relation to the family and the demands of contemporary society.

"Cardinal Müller, a strong Church leader in a time of confusion, offers thoughtful insights on the challenging issues of the day -from the culture to the family. Throughout he points us to a future filled with hope, rooted in truth." 
- Raymond Arroyo, New York Times Best-Selling Author, EWTN News Anchor, The World Over

"This book offers a credible, thoughtful, and compelling call to hope in the family, in society, in the Church, and -ultimately -in Jesus Christ. Christian hope, as Cardinal Müller explains, helps every Catholic to live the universal call to holiness, and to become faithful missionary disciples of the Lord."
- Most Revered James Conley, Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska

"In this wide- ranging interview, Cardinal Müller, in clear and inspiring language, offers thoughtful insights into the possibility and reality of an authentic, faith-based hope that comes from Christ and permeates the Church, the family, and even society."
- Most Reverend Robert Vasa, Bishop of Santa Rosa, California

"Trust in God is the vital substance of things hoped for. Cardinal Müller explains why faith is not credulity and hope is more than optimism."
- Fr. George Rutler, Author, He Spoke to Us

"It's a bold move to give a book a title that invites comparison with the great Ratzinger Report. But Cardinal Müller holds his own in these very rich reflections on the dimensions of hope in our time."
- Robert Royal, President, Faith & Reason Institute, Washington, D.C.

"Cardinal Müller reminds us that hope in God's providence is our strength and shield in the struggle to live out our Catholic faith in a troubled world. Problems find solutions when we turn to God and seek to conform our lives to the loving demands of the gospel."
- Fr. Gerald Murray, Pastor, Holy Family Church, New York, and a member of EWTN's "Papal Posse"